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Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

LECS offers the most up-to-date, leading-edge career services.


Let's Get to Work!

Why  LECS?

LECS is a group of certified Career Development Strategists with over 15 years of experience in career development. 

We focus on leading-edge, up-to-date career solutions for professionals, students, and retirees. Our goal is to help our clients to be the most competitive candidates in the job market pool.

LECS is here for the people. We offer professional services at an affordable price and payment plans in order to best support our clients.

Let's Get to Work!

The goal is to find a Fulfilling Career

That is why we use a process called
Full Systematic Career Development
To help our clients reach their FULL potential.

Today's job market has changed significantly.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Career Coach


98% of all businesses use an "Applicant Tracking System" (ATS) to scan resumes. You need to make sure that your resume is ATS friendly.


85% of all employers will use some type of video conferencing for the interview process. We will coach you on to "Ace" the virtual interview.


Your resume needs to be in a scannable format, with strategic keywords and phrases that will pass the ATS and impress the human eye.


You are ready to transition into a new industry? Have you identified your transfer skills? Does your resume best demonstrate your transferable skills?


Hiring managers and recruiters will search you online before calling you for an interview. What does your digital brand say about you? Is your LinkedIn profile optimized?


Is your LinkedIn profile optimized to ensure that your profile shows up in searches based on LinkedIn's algorithm?


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