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About LECS

Karin J. Edwards

A Note from the Founder | Owner of  LECS, LLC


Your career is a personal journey of self-identification, professional development, family representation, and economic advancement. My goal is to help you win.

Hello, my name is Karin Edwards, and I am the Founder and Owner of Leading-Edge Career Services, LLC a.k.a LECS.

I have over fifteen years of experience as an advanced resume writer, certified career coach, LinkedIn specialist, and former VP of Career and Employment Services with Jewish Family Services. During my career, I have helped thousands of job seekers reach their career goals with my coaching and expertise; I have a proven system to help job seekers reach their next career goal within 30 days. I have worked for several colleges, universities, recruiting agencies, and non-profit career services.

​​Today’s job market is harder now than ever. Due to the pandemic, advances in technology, and the economic shift, obtaining a new job can be a challenge. My goal is to help you beat this job market and land your next dream job.

You are very powerful,
provided you know how powerful you are.

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